What Makes Progressive Hardware suppliers different?


Standards that are anything but standard. We recognize that outfitting your aluminum doors with the right hardware is never an open-and-shut job. Different structures present different complications, industry and security issues are always changing, and your budget, schedule and delivery needs are unique.


What Can You Expect From Us


We've integrated a series of "checks" and "double checks" into each step of our process to ensure you receive exactly what you need, where and when you need it.

We will ship to door manufacturers or fabrication shops at your request. Any project that totals $1,000 or more , freight is on us.

All packages are labeled with the job name and can be adjusted to reflect the requirements of the receiving customer or fabrication shop. All quotes, sales orders, packing lists and invoices not the job name and contact person.

At any given time, any person within our office can answer your questions, about the job, lead times, shipment locations, etc.

Need an access control security system or other unique door system? Call us!